Creatively Titled First Post

Let me begin by saying I’m new at blogging. Not the world of blogs – I’ve read many in my days as a member of the internet generation – but as a writer. A media savvy friend of mine has been goading me to begin for years, bribing me with the opportunity to guest write film reviews for any B-grade horror or kitschy 90s flick he would never personally feature on his own blog. But my major set back was that I never felt like I knew what to say, what to write about.

Well, now my direction has been set for me. In the pursuit of my certificate of Public Relations at Ryerson University, I am currently taking two seperate courses that require each student to start their own blog.

The first is a course in social media, which I am particularly interested in with the burgeoning reliance on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the likes in every facet of our public lives. Promotion, marketing, event planning and even networking take place almost soley online for a huge percentage of peers.

The second course is focused on reputation management, which is in and of itself an interesting topic. But in tandem to my other studies this term, you think about how quickly a comment or remark can be spread or criticised in this world of instant information. Warren Buffett once said,  “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Today,  we can safely say it takes much less than that, in a world where a single tweet can crumble an empire.

And so this blog has been born to chronicle my upcoming adventures in the exciting, if not sometimes intimidating, world of public relations here in Toronto, Canada. May I wish myself good luck.


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